Beach Bums


Exotic Apes

Get ready to set sail with the dual collection release of Beach Bums & Exotic Apes. With a combined total of 10,000 unique creatures these rival collections are both eligible to land at over 100+ top global resort destinations.

About Us

What Are Beach Bums & Exotic Apes?

Beach Bums VS Exotic Apes (BBvsEA) is the first dual collection ever to be released.

By owning one of these NFT’s you will have access to our exclusive Travel Saving Club, resort stays, contests, and a community of over 25,000 members to learn from and grow with.

Exclusive Holder Benefit #1

NFT Travel Club Membership

Each NFT holder will also gain access to our NFT Travel Club, which provides up to 70% OFF on 500,000 accommodations, including hotels, cruises, car rentals, and weekly vacation stays worldwide. 

Skip the travel agent by gaining access to the deepest travel discounts and wholesale pricing available.

Exclusive Holder Benefit #2

Yearly Complimentary Resort Stay

Each NFT holder will receive a Complimentary Resort Stay once a year. Choose from locations in our top worldwide resort destinations.

Each resort stay is a minimum of four days and three nights and has a value of up to $2,000.

Exclusive Holder Benefit #3

BBvsEA NFT Staking Portal

We’ve created a portal that’ll allow you complete control over your assets. Use our custom portal to stake your NFTs, claim your resort stays, and register for the NFT Travel Club.

While you stake, earn $TRAVL that can be used towards contests, merch drops, name changes, and other reward redemptions.

BBvsEA Community Charity Effort

Clean Water Mission

Each minted NFT will provide 1 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter system to a family in need. Each filter can provide clean water for up to 5 years.

Once we’ve completed our sale, we will organize distribution as a joint effort with our community.

We will provide these filter systems to villages and families in 3rd world countries where clean water is necessary.

Our Amazing Community

BBvsEA Discord

Join and be a part of our amazing discord community! A place where you can speak to others to learn more about Beach Bums vs Exotic Apes.

We’ve built a community of over 25,000 members. Here you will find a home to learn more about NFT’s, cryptocurrency, wallets, staking and more. 

Hop in, get acquainted, and meet your fellow Apes & Bums. 

Instant Access

Unlocked Real World Utility

You will be able to instantly access our real-world utility once you own a Beach Bum or an Exotic Ape.

These utilities include our Travel Saving Club, which will grant you up to 70% discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises, week-long vacation stays, free resort stays, staking, and much more.

To unlock these benefits, visit our portal and register today!

Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

NFT stands for non-fungible token. ... An asset that is non-fungible cannot be arbitrarily swapped with another — it is one of a kind!

There will be 5,000 Beach Bums and 5,000 Exotic Apes. 

Launch day for whitelisters is 3/29/22. Public mint will open in phases. Please register for the whitelist to learn and be notified about available minting days.

Both collections will launch on the Ethereum blockchain.

BBvsEA Utilities can be used as soon as you mint or purchase from our official OpenSea pages.

BBvsEA Roadmap

Genesis Collection Launch

Initial launch/mint of Beach Bums & Exotic Apes Genesis collections.

Resort Stay Utility Unlock

Owners of an NFT from either collection will also be granted a Resort Stay Lifetime VIP Pass.
This exclusive membership grants its members 1 complimentary Resort Stay per year at one of over 100+ top worldwide locations!

NFT Travel Club Utility Unlock

Each Beach Bum AND Exotic Ape will be granted a lifetime membership to the club which provides Unlimited use of Hotels, Cruises, Vacation homes up to 70% OFF and gives access to NFT Travel Club dashboard (can book hotels, cars, cruises, vacations)


V2 Collection Launch

V2 launch/mint of Beach Bums / Exotic Apes NFT Collections. 


Public Mint Opens

Public minting of both collections opens. Minting will be paused and re-opened on specific dates. Please register for the whitelist to be notified of available mint days. 


Rarity Rankings

Rarity rankings for both V2 collections will be submitted at 10% of the collections sold.



P2E Game Development

Development will start for the Beach Bums vs Exotic Apes game.



Corvette Giveaway Unlock

4 Lucky Winners will each receive a 2022 Convertible Corvette.



Live Events

Planning starts for the Beach Bums island party
& the Exotic Apes mansion party!


Founding Team Members

El Mejor

nft visionary

"To the Neptune."

Exotic Bum


"The world is yours"


Creative Director

"Lets do this!"

Our Development Team

Doxxed & Verified By Civic

Civic, a leading blockchain identity company (@civickey on Twitter), has verified our development team using Civic Pass, and we’ve received our Verified by Civic Pass badge.

For the purposes of building safety and transparency within our community, Civic confirmed that we meet biometrics and KYC requirements and also verified our names are not on sanctions lists.